(Christians Actively Reaching Everyone)

One of the arms of outreach to our area through New Town Baptist Church is our C.A.R.E. ministry. It is a ministry that involves every person in the church (youth, middle-aged, and seniors) who desire to reach out to our community.

During our monthly meetings, letters and cards are written and mailed to people who are ill, shut ins, absentees, pastors in the area, new members, new residents in the community, and anyone that we know of that needs a word from our church family to encourage them and let them know that we care and are praying for them. Some individuals choose to pray, visiting teams go out, and telephone calls are made.

In a world where old-fashioned ways seem to be fading away, we still believe a hand-written letter, phone call, or a visit on the porch is one of the most effective tools of ministry and evangelism.